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Robert Crumb. Sketchbooks 1964-1982: Collector’s Edition

Underground Treasures 18 years, 1,344 pages = Classic Crumb This six-book boxed set is based on the original hard-bound, slip-cased, seven-volume series released by the German publisher Zweitausendeins between 1981 and 1997. Unlike the previous edition, which included every doodle ever made by the preeminent underground artist, our edition has been personally edited by the notoriously fastidious artist to include only what he considers his best work, reproduced directly from the original…

Crumb Sketchbook

ISBN 10 : 156097270X
ISBN 13 : 9781560972709

An incomparable, ongoing masterpiece. R. Crumb is undoubtedly the foremost cartoonist of the latter 20th Century, and his sketchbooks-in which he has written and drawn continually ..

The Greatest Comic Book Of All Time

ISBN 10 : 9781137531629
ISBN 13 : 1137531622

Bart Beaty and Benjamin Woo work to historicize why it is that certain works or creators have come to define the notion of a "quality comic book," while other works and creators ha..

Robert Crumb S Sex Obsessions

ISBN 10 : 3822825409
ISBN 13 : 9783822825402

Randy Robert: Crumb's secret fantasies revealed They have little to do with the standard procreative urge, Mr. Crumb admits. He has also said he finds nothing more boring than some..

Big Yum Yum Book

ISBN 10 : 0943389194
ISBN 13 : 9780943389196


The Book Of Mr Natural

ISBN 10 : 1560971940
ISBN 13 : 9781560971948

Profane Tales of that Old Mystic Madcap..

The Life And Death Of Fritz The Cat

ISBN 10 : 1606994808
ISBN 13 : 9781606994801

Presents the adventures of Fritz the Cat, from his early days as a college student to his rise to fame, becoming a jaded superstar...

Drawn Together

ISBN 10 : 087140429X
ISBN 13 : 9780871404299

The legendary cartooning duo of R. Crumb and Aline Kominsky describe the ups and downs of their marriage, the obstacles faced by struggling artists and the way their lives changed ..

Robert Crumb S Sex Obsessions

ISBN 10 : 3836559064
ISBN 13 : 9783836559065

"Somehow the Devil got me!"Robert Crumb's personal selection of his most secret fantasiesThey have little to do with the standard procreative urge, Mr. Crumb admits. He has also sa..

The Sweeter Side Of R Crumb

ISBN 10 : 9780393333718
ISBN 13 : 039333371X

Collects the cuter, more tender comics drawn by an artist who is well-known for being raunchy and pessimistic, in an array that is reminiscent of his early work as a greeting-card ..

Historic Heston

ISBN 10 : 9781620402344
ISBN 13 : 1620402343

The greatest British dishes, as reinvented by Heston Blumenthal, chef and proprietor of the three-Michelin-starred The Fat Duck--presented in a gloriously lavish package...

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