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Van Gogh S Ear

ISBN 10 : 9780374716028
ISBN 13 : 0374716021

The best-known and most sensational event in Vincent van Gogh’s life is also the least understood. For more than a century, biographers and historians seeking definitive facts ab..

Van Gogh S Ear

ISBN 10 : 9781784740610
ISBN 13 : 1784740616


Van Gogh S Ear

ISBN 10 : 9780345816078
ISBN 13 : 0345816072

On a dark night in Provence in December 1888 Vincent van Gogh cut off his ear. It is an act that has come to define him. Yet for more than a century biographers and histo­rians se..

Van Gogh S Ear

ISBN 10 : 1932842039
ISBN 13 : 9781932842036

From the mountains of Utah to the seaside underbelly of Venice, California come two brothers on a voyage of holy revenge and realization. Ross hunts the rapist of his one true love..

The Letters Of Vincent Van Gogh

ISBN 10 : 9781780333298
ISBN 13 : 1780333293

A carefully selected edition of the letters of Van Gogh. For this great artist it is unusually difficult to separate his life from his work. These letters reveal his inner turmoil ..

Studio Of The South

ISBN 10 : 0711236674
ISBN 13 : 9780711236677

Studio of the South tells the story of Van Gogh's period in Arles in 1888-9, when his powers were at their height. Based on original research, the book reveals discoveries that thr..

Van Gogh S Ear 5

ISBN 10 : 2914853076
ISBN 13 : 9782914853071

Van Gogh's Ear: The Celebrity Edition, which is volume 5, celebrates art, poetry, and the ultimate sex goddess of the 20th century, Marilyn Monroe. There's a one-act play by Joyce ..