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Taking Back Astronomy

ISBN 10 : 9781614580775
ISBN 13 : 1614580774

"This book is meant to be an introduction only - a starting point to a biblical view of the universe. . . . Who knows what amazing truths are waiting to be discovered if only the s..

Taking Back Astronomy

ISBN 10 : 9780890514719
ISBN 13 : 0890514712

Unfortunately, modern evolutionary thinking in astronomy has caused many people to disconnect from the Bible's view of history, as they are taught that the universe is millions or ..


ISBN 10 : 9781848877580
ISBN 13 : 1848877587

A mesmerising, award-winning, daringly imaginative, multi-levelled thriller for fans of John le Carre or Neal Stephenson An ultra-secret MI6 codename. A deadly game of deception an..

Astronomy And The Bible

ISBN 10 : 0884692671
ISBN 13 : 9780884692676

This book, divided into six sections, discusses the earth and moon, the solar system, the stars, general science and technical terms. The book's question-and-answer format makes a ..

Understanding Genesis

ISBN 10 : 9780890519004
ISBN 13 : 0890519005

There are many opinions and subsequent interpretations on the Book of Genesis. What did the author of Genesis intend and how can we possibly know, or is the important thing only wh..

Inside Pixinsight

ISBN 10 : 9783319256825
ISBN 13 : 3319256823

In this book, Warren Keller reveals the secrets of astro-image processing software PixInsight in a practical and easy to follow manner, allowing the reader to produce stunning astr..

Making Your Own Telescope

ISBN 10 : 0486428834
ISBN 13 : 9780486428833

Complete, detailed instructions and numerous diagrams for constructing a do-it-yourself telescope. No complicated mathematics are involved, and no prior knowledge of optics or astr..