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Cook’s Camden: The Making of Modern Housing 2018


ISBN 10 : 0864115024
ISBN 13 : 9780864115027

At last a no-nonsense approach to making great food, from simple scrambled eggs to perfect garlic prawns, cooking: a commonsense guide is packed with inspirational recipes to satis..

How To Teach Kids To Cook

ISBN 10 : 1865086991
ISBN 13 : 9781865086996

;With sixty great family recipes, beautiful food photographs, good safety advice and lots of practical tips, this is the ideal book for adults who want to teach kids to cook and ea..

Dyadic Data Analysis

ISBN 10 : 9781572309869
ISBN 13 : 1572309865

The first book on the subject, this unique resource is comprehensive and authoritative. The authors' approach has wide applications for analyzing data related to couples, siblings,..

How To Cook A Turkey

ISBN 10 : 1561589594
ISBN 13 : 9781561589593

An all-in-one guide to cooking a turkey as part of a full-course holiday meal presents more than one hundred foolproof recipes, along with step-by-step instructions and full-color ..

Teens Cook

ISBN 10 : 9781607741237
ISBN 13 : 1607741237

Cooking for teens, like finding the perfect gift for teen boys and girls, is almost impossible. Teenagers like what they like, and they will only eat what they like. But instead of..

Lost Illusions

ISBN 10 : 0520232658
ISBN 13 : 9780520232655

Some of the films discussed in this book include: Five Easy Pieces Chinatown Carnal Knowledge Straw Dogs A Clockwork Orange Mean Streets The Conversation Nashville Shampoo Taxi Dri..

Salsas That Cook

ISBN 10 : 9780684856940
ISBN 13 : 0684856948

Tells readers how to compose six authentic, versatile salsas and use them in sixty delicious dishes, including such American standards as ribeye steak..

Frozen Assets Lite And Easy

ISBN 10 : 9781402227479
ISBN 13 : 1402227477

Low-fat, lower-calorie bulk cooking from bestselling author Deborah Taylor-Hough. Through the bestselling cookbook Frozen Assets, Deborah Taylor-Hough became known as the ""once-a-..

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